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Let's Talk Curtsy Lunges

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Are you ready to meet the Queen? Let’s take a look into that curtsy lunge form!

A great way to add a bit more instability and untraditional body movement into your repertoire. This lunge variation works a multitude of different muscles and joints; it also helps our bodies become accustomed to both frontal & transverse plane movements that we may experience in everyday life and activities.

Being able to take your body through different movements ensures that your body will be ready to take on whatever life may throw your way, below are just a few key reasons why this lunge should find its way into your fitness routines!

Muscle Groups Used in Lead Leg:

  • Hip Adductors & Abductors

  • Knee Flexors & Extensors

  • Ankle Flexors & Extensors

  • Hip Extension & Flexion

Muscle Groups Used in Free Leg:

  • Hip Adductors

  • Knee Flexors

  • Hip Extension


  • Gait Strengthening

  • Subsystem Strengthening: AOS, POS, DLS (check out earlier posts for more detail)

  • Single Leg Stabilization

  • Hip Mobilization


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