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Stretch Time!

Whether traveling by car, boat, or plane - stretching is essential to maintain a healthy, functional, well working body!

This is even more important when hours or even days are dedicated to long travels.

Our bodies can take a toll from elongated sitting, placing ourselves into uncomfortable positions which will lead to muscle aches, numbness, and pain.

From your feet to your shoulders, your whole body can be negatively affected if not given the needed care it requires.

So I always encourage clients to come prepared with equipment that can get the job done, without hurting that much needed packing space!


  • Yoga Strap: great for plane traveling, easy to pack and wonderful to use when looking to increase that range of motion and release some muscle tension.

  • Superband: can be used just like a yoga strap but also versatile as it can also be used for workouts!

  • Yoga Block/Wedge: better for car travel or larger bags. Help increase the range of stretches my modifying depth of stretch.

  • Yoga Mat: better for car or larger bags. Allows you to stretch or workout anywhere no matter the cleanliness of the floor/ground!

  • Dowell/Broom/Mop stick: easy to find in most hotels or rental areas and can be used for bodyweight movement and mobility training!

EXTRA: Lacrosse Ball: fits in any bag and can be taken anywhere. This way your fascia never have to worry about being to bundled up with no avenue for release!!


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