Squat & Press - Let's take it to the ground!

Let's take it to the ground and really work those legs and arms today! This circuit not only brings the burn but also a little additional stabilization into the mix - so what are you waiting for? LETS GET TRAINING!

Trainer Tips:

- During kneeling squat & hip extension, make sure that knee and hip stay stacked and bony landmarks (ASIS) of hip are aligned. Keep core engaged and glutes fired - ensure that power and stability comes from these areas. As you progress through, keep shoulder down and back into back pocks and chest/chin proud.

- During your press make sure that shoulder are set with each rep. There is a tendency to want to utilize the upper traps and neck to help with assistance - but they have no business there. Relax the neck and allow your shoulders to set down and back into stability. At final press you should feel as if your shoulder locks into place with surrounding muscles working to stabilize peak position. These same muscle should be felt during the descend of lift as well - adding control and stability to the press motion.

*Landmine can be subbed with DB or KB

Circuit: 2 - 3 sets | 30 seconds each - Landmine Kneeling Squat - Landmine Kneeling Squat to Press - Landmine Kneeling Single Arm Press - Landmine Kneeling Hip Extension - Landmine Kneeling Push Press - Landmine Kneeling Atlas Press

Movements: - Scapular Depression - Scapular Retraction

- Scapular Protraction

- Scapular Upward Rotation

- Scapular Downward Rotation - Shoulder Flexion - Elbow Extension - Elbow Flexion - Torso Flexion - Hip Extension - Hip Flexion - Knee Flexion

Muscles Used: - Scapular Depression: Lower Trapezius | Lower Serratus Anterior | Pectoralis Minor - Scapular Retraction: Rhomboids | Lower Trapezius

- Scapular Protraction: Upper | Middle | Lower Serratus Anterior

- Scapular Upward Rotation: Upper & Lower Trapezius | Upper & Lower Serratus Anterior

- Scapular Downward: Rotation: Rhomboids | Levator Scapulae - Shoulder Flexion: Anterior Deltoid | Pectoralis Major | Coracrobrachialis - Elbow Extension: Tricep (long head) | Tricep (medial head) | Tricep (lateral head) - Elbow Flexion: Bicep Brachii | Brachioradialis | Brachialis - Torso Flexion: Rectus Abdomins | Internal & External Oblique - Hip Extension: Glutius Maximus | Bicep Femoris | Semimembranosus | Semitendinosus - Hip Flexion: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris - Knee Flexion: Bicep Femoris | Semimembranosus | Semitendinosus


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