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Spinal Stretch & Release

Time to release the stress and tension in that body with a little stretch and mobility work!

Focusing on the spine and scapular area of the body, we will be utilizing different variations of the child pose to get a deeper release of those surrounding muscles.

As you perform these stretches, be mindful and conscious of your movements. Draw your focus into your breath and allow you body to relax so you can achieve a better, deeper range of motion within each positions.

Circuit: 1 Set | 30 seconds each

- Child Pose to Quadruped

- Child Pose with Palm Rotation

- Child Pose with Reach

- Child Pose with Rotation

(Thread the Needle)

- Chile Pose with Prayer Hands

- Cobra (can be modified onto forearms)

Music: Harmony

Musician: @iksonmusic

Music: Sunny

Musician: @ikson


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