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As the holiday season continues so do our travels and time in the sky.

From red eyes, flight delays, to connecting stops the travel day can be one of the most hectic and draining times on your body.

Between time changes and travel elevation our bodies can become fatigued, inflamed and bloated. With the main causes being indigestion and dehydration of the body.

There is no reason why we must travel in discomfort so I always recommend a few key essentials to add to that carry on bag to maintain body wellness through the entire trip!


  • Reusable Water Bottle: this way you can stay hydrated anywhere/anytime. Depending on the airport, I would recommend purchasing filtered water or sparkling water (sparkling can help settle the tummy).

  • Hydration Packs: this will help hydrate on the cellular levels. Helping relieve symptoms like fatigue or headaches. Just add it to your water to keep the body hydrated for longer!

  • Nutritious Snacks: these can be purchased in the stores found within the airport. I also recommend purchasing actual food (as close to fresh as you can) such as hot sandwich, wraps, burgers etc. instead of ordering airline food. Food from the airlines are heavily preserved with chemicals that will wreck your gut biome - leading to indigestion and a bad tummy ache.

  • Digestive Care/Bitters: this can be apple cider vinegar or other digestive care products that will help maintain a healthy and balanced gut during your travels. Very much needed for proper digestion and bathroom activities.


  • Sleep Mask & Headphones: during travel our cercidium rhythm can be thrown off due to our lack of sleep and use of artificial light. So having a sleep mask and headphones can help induce needed sleep the body may be requiring!

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