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Schnitzel Recipe Must Try!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Looking for a new and fun recipe the whole family is sure to love? Here is a Schnitzel recipe that will have the whole family asking for seconds!


  1. Pork Loin (1)

  2. Egg (1) whisked

  3. Flower (1 cup)

  4. Bread Crumbs (1 cup)

  5. Cooking Oil (enough to fill bottom of pan and half of loin)


  1. Gather all necessary ingredients

  2. Start by cleaning pork loin, once cleaned - dry then flatten using a rolling pin

  3. Once pork loin is significantly flattened salt and pepper to liking (the more the merrier)

  4. Take the pork loin and cover with flower (make sure all crevices of loin have been covered)

  5. Once flowered, place pork loin in egg and soak (again insuring that it covers loin fully)

  6. Once the pork loin has been soaked within the egg, place the loin in the bread crumbs and flip until entire loin surface is covered.

  7. From there, place a good amount of cooking oil in the pan (enough to fry pork loin so a little less then half)

  8. Once oil is heated, place pork loin in oil and continually move around (to ensure loin doesn't stick) until loin is golden brown. Repeat on other side.

  9. Once loin is done, place on rack and allow it to cool.

  10. Enjoy!

Stay strong and healthy my friends!


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