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Main Training Series - Low Impact Strength

Today 's circuit will be focusing once again on those posterior muscles and functional movements we perform in our daily lives.

Below I discuss the different joint functions and muscles utilized in this circuit - something we should always consider before adding an exercise to our routine specially if we have a particular goal is in mind - whether that be muscle hypertrophy or a specific type of strength.

Having an understanding of what muscles drive joint movement will give you the best indication on whether or not you are utilizing the correct muscle groups as well as give you insight to any muscular biases or compensations that may be occurring during movement.

One of the best examples would be a squat - during the motion do you load your weight within your hamstring and glutes or more within your quadriceps and knees? Does your ankle allow for the needed flexion or do your heels lift at the bottom? Just these simple correction can have a huge impact on joint health and muscle proprioception. Having an awareness of how your body naturally performs movements will teach you a lot about which muscles are strong and which may be weaker.

As your perform this circuit keep in mind how your body moves and if the correct muscles are used!

I think thats enough waffling for now so let's grab those weights, turn up the tunes, and let's get that body to work!

*Watch video for workout and check out slides for more information on joint motion and the muscles being used!

4 sets | 30 seconds each

- Squat

- Single Leg Squat

- Kneeling Latissimus Dorsi Row

- High Median Row

Stay strong and healthy my friends!

*Barbell can be subbed with DB or KB

Music: Another Time

Musician: @LiQWYD


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