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Main Training Series - Glutes Focus

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Today we will be focusing on the muscles utilized within our hips. Some of the most important muscle and movements when it comes to our daily lives and activities - since these beauties dictate the health and utilization of so many surrounding muscles & joints!

Below I dive into the different muscles utilized when it comes to these movements in order to have a better understanding of what exactly we should be focusing on when adding these exercises into our fitness routine.

The hips are such an important attribute when it comes to the stability of our spine in relation to the rest of our body - not only are they one of the ultimate powerhouses for the majority of movement (such as walking, jumping, stepping, etc.) but weakness within the hips can translate to pain in other places of the body - such as lower back, knees, or even hip pain itself! Understanding the joint actions and muscles used is in integral part of correct movement and muscle allocation - something we should always be aware of because of how important it is in our lives!

So grab those weights, turn up the tunes, and let's get to booty to work!

*Watch video for workout and check out slides for more information on joint motion and the muscles being used!

4 sets | 30 seconds each

- Hip Extension

- Hip Extension Pulse

- Hip Extension w/ Abduction

- Trunk Extension

- Hip Flexion Alternating

Stay strong and healthy my friends!

*Barbell can be subbed with DB

Music: Sunny

Musician: @iksonmusic

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