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Lower Body Stretch & Release

❤️ Let’s give those legs a little love! ❤️

We know how important it is to strengthen those legs but it’s equally as important to lengthen and elongate those muscles after a hard day's work!

Adding mobility, fascia release, and stretching is a great way to improve muscle engagement as well as increase range of motion, ultimately helping assist with continuous progression and advancement in movement! 🧘

The first of a three part stretch series, today we are focusing on those legs!

Stretch Details: 1 sets | 30 seconds each side

🔹Dynamic Hamstring Stretch


🔹Single Leg Knee Pump

🔹One Leg Down Dog

🔹Half Moon (advanced - modified stay in one leg down dog)

Main muscle focus:

✔ Ankle Flexors: Tibialis Anterior | Extensor Hallucis Longus | Extensor Digitorum Longus

✔ Hamstring Complex: Bicep Femoris | Semimembranosus | Semitendinosus

✔ Quadricep Complex: Vastus Lateralis | Vastus Medialis | Vastus Intermedius

✔ Hip Complex: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris | Tensor Fascia Latae

✔ Hip Adductor Complex: Adductor Magnus | Brevis | Longus

✔ Trunk Flexors: Rectus Abdominis | External & Internal Oblique

Music: Discover

Musician: @iksonmusic


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