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Feeling tension or discomfort in that lower spine? Here are a few of my go to gems for releasing that annoying lumbar pain!!

By allowing the vertebrae of that lower spine to decompress, we are able to alleviate unnecessary tension that can occur from daily loading of the spine.

Allow gravity to assist in the elongation and stretch of those vertebrae. Focus on deeply breathing and relaxing the muscles as you perform!

Stretches: 1 set | 30 seconds each

- Bar Hang: Make sure you have a good grip onto the bar. Allow shoulders and upper body to relax as legs dangle. Keep a bit of contact between toes and ground, this way as you release from grip you can control the compression back onto the vertebrae.

- Stability Ball Hang: Place stability ball under your bell and roll forward until forearms are flushed to ground. Allow the knees to hang off the ball. You can move forward or backward until you feel the decompression occur within the lower lumbar spine. You can also perform this stretch on the end of the bed or ottoman. As you come out of stretch, do so slowly, dizziness can occur if you stand up to quickly from this position.


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