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Let's Talk Posterior (back) Lunges!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A must for your fitness routine!

A well known exercise in the fitness world but why are they so important to add into your weekly routine? And what is the difference between the different variations?

Through this Lunge series we will be going over both the different types of lunges, the benefits of them, and of course how to achieve proper form when utilizing them!

Posterior (Back) Lunge Benefits:

  • Helps to strengthen gait patterns which is critical for proper walking, running, & stepping form

  • Helps to strengthen all subsystem movements: DLS (Deep Longitudinal Subsystem), POS (Posterior Oblique Subsystem), AOS (Anterior Oblique Subsystem), LS (Lateral Subsystem), & Inner Unit (Core)

  • Helps strengthen balance by maintaining center of gravity by activating specialized reflex actions by encouraging small shifting responses from muscle to control movement.

  • Helps strengthen stabilization by involving all three systems in human movement passive (skeletal), active (muscular), and control (sensorimotor) to control and coordinate proper activation of certain muscles to provide stabilization

  • Strength translates to other exercises from uniaxial, biaxial, to multiaxial movements


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