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Let's Talk 45 Degree Lunges

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Let's add a little dimension to that back lunge!

Continuing our series on lunges, today we're going to add a little dimension to that posterior/back lunge; let's talk 45 degree lunges!

We know how great adding a little unilateral leg work like lunges are to our fitness regiment but with all the different variations out there how do we best choose which one to do? Now, as you may know by now I am pretty big into having a reason for the specific movement or lift being performed; so before throwing any lunge variation into your workout think about what exactly you are looking to accomplish with the movement?

Today we're looking into a lunge that adds a little bit of angled stabilization into your movement. I have found over time that we as people become so accustomed to working in specific movement planes that we sometimes become weakened in other non repetitive movements that can occur in everyday life.

  • Single Leg Balance

  • Sudden Dynamic Gait Movement

  • Hip Mobility & ROM placement

Over time the muscle used for these specific motions can become weakened which can influences the entire body and how it operates functionally.

“That is why today I will be showing a lunge that helps encourage dynamic flow of the body a back lunge with a slight hip abduction.

Muscles Utilized:

Lead Leg:

  • Hip Flexion: Psoas, Illiacus, Rectus Femoris

  • Knee Flexion: Bicep Femoris, Hamstrings (Semimembranosus & Semitendinosus)

  • Knee Extension: Vastus Lateralis, Medialis, Intermedialis

  • Ankle Flexion (Dorsiflexion): Tibialis Anterior, Extensor hallucis longus & digitorum longus

Swing Leg:

  • Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus, Bicep Femoris, Hamstrings (Semimembranosus & Semitendinosus)

  • Hip Abduction: Gluteus Medius, Minimus, Maximus & Tensor Fascia Latea


  • Gait Strengthening

  • Subsystem Strengthening: AOS, POS, DLS (check out earlier posts for more detail)

  • Lateral/Side Movement

  • Single Leg Stabilization

  • Hip Mobilization


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