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Leg Burner Circuit - Focus Hip Mobility & Strength!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Time to get those hips to work! Today's circuit is all about the functional movement of the hips and the muscles involved - a more detailed breakdown of the muscles and joint functions can be found at the end of the video!!

When it comes to our hips being aware and having an understanding of the muscles and joints used can be night and day to our training and the goals we seek. Whether that goal is athletic or aesthetic - understanding which muscles are utilized for each lift will give you a better understanding of what you may need to focus on to achieve those goals as well as help tailor your workouts strategically!

We know how important hip health is to our overall lives - just like we know it can dictate the alignment and function of so many surrounding muscular structures. So why not do our best in making sure we are strengthening the correct muscles by understanding which complete daily joint movement!

So grab those sliders (or towel) and let's get to work!

*Slider can be subbed with towel

3 sets | 30 seconds each

- Kneeling Skater

- Kneeling Hamstring Curl

- Supine Hamstring Curl

- Hamstring Runner

- Seated Hip Flexion

- Alternating Oblique Crunch

Stay strong and healthy my friends!

Music: Kick Up Your Heels

Musician: @jessicamauboy1


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