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Homemade Cleaning Products - cleaning done right!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Looking to replace all those chemically ridden cleaning supplies for some that not only protects your health but also the environment?

Look no further, the link below will be your holy grail to everything DIY cleaning products. Very simple to make and absolutely wonderful to use.

I, myself made the switch from big brands like Meyers, Windex, Clorox, Lysol, etc. And I have to say, it has made all the difference. I am no longer plagued by headaches, eye aches, or the sniffles after a deep clean of the home. Instead I'm now surrounded by the smell of citrus, lavender, and the peace of mind knowing that the products I am using aren't filled to the brim with phthalates, parabens, and other disease causing chemicals.

We no longer worry about what adverse reactions these mystery chemicals may have on our bodies, overall health, or the environment - now we just kick up our feet and enjoy the freshness of a newly cleaned home!

DIY Cleaning Ideas!


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