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Hip Mobility Flow

Time to give attention to some very important but often overlooked muscles! Healthy hips are such an integral part of our overall body health - from stabilizing our spine and pelvis to activating power and speed; they are by far the powerhouse to both movement and balance within our bodies.

Understanding the muscles and joints involved in hip specific movements is more than important when it comes to living a pain free life or looking to better oneself in their desired athletics. Having control, activation, and correct fiber recruitment can be the final push one needs to reach their desired goals, so adding a little more mobility and strength is not only necessary but essential for that mind - muscle connection.


- 90/90 Hip Extension Walk

- Alternating Knee Tap in Squat

- Alternating Single Leg Hip Extension

- Kneeling Single Leg Abduction (External Rotation)

- Hip Opener Stretch


- Hip Extension

- Hip Flexion

- Hip Abduction/Adduction

- Hip External/ Internal Rotation

- Knee Flexion


- Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus | Semitendinosus | Samimembranosus | Bicep Femoris

- Hip Flexion: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris

- Hip Abduction: Gluteus Medius | Gluteus Minimus | Tensor Fasciae Latae

- Hip Adduction: Adductor Magnus | Brevis | Longus

- Hip External Rotation: Gluteus Maximus | Gluteus Minimus | Piriformis

- Hip Internal Rotation: Gluteus Medius | Gluteus Minimus | Tensor Fasciae Latae

- Knee Flexion: Semitendinosus | Samimembranosus | Bicep Femoris

Music: Outside

Musician: @ikson


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