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How's your Hip Flexion?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Let's walk through the importance of Hip Flexion in daily life!

Go ahead take a couple steps forward, now as you draw that back leg up for that next step I want you to really think and focus about how your body is moving and what exactly it is doing. Each time you draw that back leg forward (initiating leg swing) for the next step you are (or should be) engaging those hip flexor muscles!

These muscles help support the most important and most used movements in our daily lives, whether walking, jogging, skipping, or running the Psoas, Illiacus, Rectus Femoris, and Tensor Fasciae Latae are working hard to help maintain neutral pelvic alignment, correct gait movement, as well as core and low back stability.

If unstable you may run into the following:

  • Unable to hold single raised knee above a 90 degree angle while balancing on opposite leg (or even laying on the ground)

  • Finding yourself swinging one leg out to the side then forward to complete a step

  • Unable to lift leg easily while walking up stairs

Because of this, it is important to correctly strengthen and train these muscles to be able to correctly go about daily activities and ensure you aren’t creating muscle biases by utilizing the incorrect muscles!

Through the videos below you will see a few of my favorite hip flexor exercises to help re-engage those muscles before that next walk!

When ever having a client perform these specific strengthening exercises I always want them to be aware of the following;

  • Quality of the motion: The slower the better, really focus on connecting mind and muscle together, ensure that pelvis and core are neutral and not compensating for movement.

  • Breath: Keep your breathing regulated and controlled, focusing on breath will help slow the movement down and help relax the rest of the body.

Stay strong and healthy my friends!


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