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Got Neck Pain??

Let's see if we can release some of that tension and pull from those pectoral and anterior muscles!

When it comes to stretching; our front anterior muscles tend to get overlooked. Though these muscles are utilized daily in our movements, overlooking the elongation of the anterior deltoid, pectorals, and biceps can lead to overuse and stress injuries.

This overtime can cause the forward roll of our shoulders (protraction) which can pull our glenoid joint out of alignment leading to an array of aches and pains from your shoulders to your neck - one of the most common being frozen shoulder.

A way to combat this issue is ensuring these muscle get the care and attention they need daily!

So add a few of these goodies into your stretch routine and see the difference it can make!!

Stretches: 1 set | 30 seconds

- Pectoralis Major Stretch: focus on pulling thumb away from body to increase stretch.

- Pectoralis Minor Stretch: ocus on pulling thumb away from body to increase stretch.

- Doorway Stretch

- Extended Doorway Stretch


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