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Glutes of Steel - Muscle & Joint Breakdown!

Who's ready to get that booty moving!! Don't worry fam, I got you!

This is a great low impact circuit to really hit those glutes and surrounding hip muscles. No weight needed but I would recommend a step or elevated surface to really get the most out of these exercises! Oh, and maybe a foam block - you will see why in my trainer tips!

For more info on the joints and muscles working, check out below.

And if you're ready to start that fitness journey - go ahead and send me that DM!

Trainer Tip:

  • During Hip Extension use a foam block or plate weight to help assist power utilization from correct muscles. I like to use it under one foot during a single leg hip extension, this allows you to focus on maintaining a neutrality between your hips and spine. It also helps you focus on allocating correct muscle engagement without compensating with the other leg or low back! You can also use it during a normal hip extension to maintain correct foot and knee placement.

  • Seated Hip Flexions: This can be a hard exercise, especially if one's hip flexors are more engaged than the rectus abdominis. During this movement you want to ensure that both hip flexors and rectus abdominis are working synergistically to assist with hip flexion while maintaining stability between pelvis and spine.


2 - 3 sets | 30 seconds each

- Bodyweight Hip Extension

- Bodyweight Single Leg Hip Extension

- Seated Alternating Hip Flexion

- Seated Dual Hip Flexion

- Sit to Squat

Movements: - Ankle Flexion - Knee Flexion - Hip Flexion/Extension

- Trunk Flexion Muscles:

- Ankle Flexion: Tibialis Anterior | Extensor Hallucis Longus | Digitorum Longus

- Knee Flexion: Bicep Femoris | Semitendinosus |Semimembranosus - Knee Extension: Vastus Lateralis | Medialis | Intermedius

- Hip Flexion: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris

- Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus | Bicep Femoris | Semitendinosus & Semimembranosus

- Trunk Flexion: Rectus Abdominis | External & Internal Obliques

Music: Night Out

Musician: @ASHUTOSH


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