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Glute Power - Muscle & Joint Breakdown!

Who's ready to work that powerhouse - yes were talking about those glutes!

This low impact circuit will focus mainly on those large gluteal muscles while taking them through a few different hip extension variations! One of my favorite ways to challenge the glutes during a lift is to add a little pulse and isometric work at the end. This allows for a little more muscle activation and engagement so you get the most out of those hip extensions! The glutes are one of the main muscle complexes when it comes to power recruitment. Involved in almost every major movement and assisting in everything from body position to alignment. It is no question they deserve some attention and proper strengthening, after-all we use them everyday!

Though the glutes consist of a large subset of muscles it can still be difficult to correctly engage them so focusing on slow and mindful movement will always be your best bet to making them the star of the lift! Keep the pace mindful, don't rush through the motions but focus on the muscles being used.

For more info on the joints and muscles working, check out below!

And if you're ready to start that fitness journey - go ahead and send me that DM!

Check out my tips for ways to really get those glutes going! Also, joint and muscle breakdown given below!

And if you're ready to start that fitness journey - go ahead and send me that DM!

Trainer Tips:

  • Equipment: You can always sub the barbell for Dumbbell, Plate Weight, or Resistance Bands!

  • Hip Extension: use a foam block or plate weight to help assist power utilization from correct muscles. I like to use between feet to maintain correct foot and knee placement.

  • Hip Extension w/ weight: Also ensure that weight isn't placed too high on your hips, if weight isn't correctly loaded it can place unnecessary pressure onto the pelvis and spine. This can create a whole slew of issues from incorrect muscle allocation (utilizing lower back instead of glutes) to pelvic alignment issues with the spine. One of my go to tips for this, is to place weight closer to thighs and as you extend your hips allow for a bit of bar roll forward up the thigh itself. This will help keep muscle recruitment within glutes and hamstring!

  • Rope Climb: Try to maintain neutral hips and spine at bottom position, using lower body for stability and not power.


3 sets | 30 seconds each *if using heavy weights keep with 5 - 6 rep range

- Barbell Hip Extension

- Barbell Hip Extension Pulse

- Barbell Hip Extension Hold

- Rope Climb


- Ankle Flexion - Knee Flexion/Extension - Hip Flexion/Extension - Scapular Retraction/Protraction - Shoulder Flexion - Elbow Extension/Flexion

Muscles: - Ankle Extension: Peroneus Longus | Brevis | Triceps Surae - Ankle Flexion: Tibialis Anterior | Extensor Hallucis Longus | Digitorum Longus - Knee Flexion: Bicep Femoris | Semitendinosus |Semimembranosus - Knee Extension: Vastus Lateralis | Medialis | Intermedius - Hip Flexion: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris - Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus | Semitendinosus | Semimembranosus - Scapular Retraction: Mid Trapezius | Lower Trapezius | Rhomboids - Scapular Protraction: Serratus Anterior Upper | Middle | Lower - Shoulder Extension: Latissimus Dorsi | Posterior Deltoid | Teres Minor - Shoulder Flexion: Anterior Deltoid | Pectoralis Major | Coracobrachialis - Elbow Extension: Tricep Long Head | Medial Head | Lateral Head - Elbow Flexion: Bicep Brachii | Brachioradialis | Brachialis

Music: Another Time

Musician: @ASHUTOSH


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