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Full Body Home Circuit - Focus Back Extension

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Today's circuit not only focuses on utilizes the whole body during movement but puts additional emphasis on the stabilization and extension of the Thoracic spine! Having control and stability of the spine during lifts is an essential part of functional movement as well as attaining a greater range of motion.

Being aware of the muscles and joint functions used will also help encourage strength and balance within the needed areas and lessen the chance of muscular compensation or injuries that could occur.

So as you complete this workout - keep those muscles and joints in mind and keep yourself accountable so you can reap the most benefits out of your workouts!

*Muscle & Joint Slides found at end of video!

*barbell can be subbed with KB or DB

3 sets | 30 seconds each

- Overhead Squat (if going heavy bring down to 3 - 5 reps) - Scapular External Rotation - Shoulder Extension w/ Abduction

Stay strong and healthy my friends!

Music: Last Summer Musician: Ikson


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