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Full Body Circuit - Range of Motion Focus

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Time to get that body moving!

Focusing on some major joint movement and muscle activation in this circuit. We'll be utilizing those very important pulling muscles as well as targeting those core stabilizers!

As you complete this workout, focus on the movements and the range of those motions - our ultimate goal is to always accomplish each exercise with form first in mind.

This mindset will not only keep us accountable to the true strength within our lifts but also allow us to focus on correct muscle recruitment so we can continue to progress without joint compensations, muscular biases or possible injuries.

At the end of this post I dive deeper into the main joints and muscles used in this circuit. This information can help you begin connecting how joints and muscles work harmoniously to achieve movement and give you a better understanding whether or not you are allocating force from the correct areas!

So grab those weights, turn up the tunes, and let's get training!

*Barbell & Plate can be subbed with DB

3 sets | 30 seconds each

- Back Squat - Banded Squat - Plate Press in Deadbug - Plate Drivers in Deadbug - Supine Alternating Bicycle - Supine Alternating Oblique Crunch - Alternating Windshield Wipers - Banded Single Arm Row - Banded Row Hold

Stay strong and healthy my friends!

Music: Safar Musician: @ASHUTOSH


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