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As holiday travels approach so do those long hours of waiting in airports and taking flight! During which excitement builds for that much needed time away and the many festivities to come during that destination vacation; but will your body be ready to jump into vacation mode after the anxiety and hecticness of travels? With our minds filled with the wonders and adventures to come, we tend to put our body wellness on the back burner as we navigate through the chaoticness of baggage lines, security checks, and unexpected delays. Though we may not notice the unnecessary exhaustion and fatigue this causes our bodies at the time. It can surely cause havoc to our perfectly planned vacation if unchecked - after all, vacation should be helping indulge our relaxation not spent battling a cold. Fear not though, there are precautions and actions that can be taken to help keep the body healthy and well during your travel journeys so you can enjoy all the wonders you have so diligently planned! From maintaining proper hydration of the body to encouraging better posture alignment during flight, these little tips will keep you feeling your best so you can really enjoy that time away! Make sure to SAVE and SHARE this one before that next flight, and comment below you carry on musts for travels!

Travel Musts:

  • Water Bottle: always have a reusable bottle handy to ensure you are keeping up with proper water intake. During flight and travels our bodies become dehydrated and this can be the foundation of other issues that can arise.

  • Neck & Lumbar Pillow: we know airplane seats weren’t made for comfort in mind, so ensuring that you create proper neck and lumbar support during a long trip is instrumental for your body to feel its best at the end of your travels. There's no need for body aches and pains for such long hours!

  • Sleep Masks: a must for the red-eye flights! It’s always important to try and maintain a good sleep cycle during travel, this will help keep your body regulation in check and assist with better health during your vacation. After all, sleep is when our bodies have the most time to reset and heal after hours of agustion and stress.

  • Hydration Packs: a great supplement to add to your water to ensure you are getting electrolytes and needed minerals that can be stripped from your body during long travels.

  • Moisture Towelettes: we can’t forget about the biggest organ that gets hit the hardest when it comes to dehydration and environmental factors, our skin! Keeping moisture towelettes will help ensure the health and well being our our skin during those long days as well as keep that skin fresh from the sweat and toxins that are associated with traveling!

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