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Core Focus Flow

Here's a low impact workout that will get that body ready for this weekend!

Today our focus is back on those deep core muscles with a few added movements to engage those muscular subsystems a bit differently! Adding a few explosive movements from a ball toss to a press places a bit more need for concentrating on that core as exercises are performed. These movements will help strengthen the entirety of the core - targeting the necessary muscles while allowing you to relax those that may lead to muscular biases/compensations (such as the low back) .

Ensure that you actively press your feet into the wall during these movements (almost as if you are pressing the wall away from your body) this will help maintain a neutral spine and pelvis as the deeper core muscles engage to allow balance and correct muscle recruitment during movement.

Perform each exercise slowly and mindfully to get the most out of each exercise!

2 - 3 sets | 30 seconds each


- Deadbug Ball Transfer (feet against wall)

- Deadbug Alternating Hip Flexion (feet against wall)

- Deadbug Ball Toss (feet against wall)

- Deadbug Ball Close Press (feet against wall)

- Scissor Kick

- Swimmer Kick

- Reverse Crunch (straight leg)

- Torso Rotation (feet against wall)


- Hip Flexion/Extension

- Hip Abduction/Adduction

- Knee Extension

- Trunk Flexion (Lumbar Region)

- Trunk Rotation

- Elbow Extension

- Scapular Protraction


- Hip Flexion: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris

- Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus | Semitendinosus | Samimembranosus

- Hip Abduction: Gluteus Medius | Minimus | Tensor Fasciae Latae

- Hip Adduction: Adductor Magnus | Longus | Brevis

- Knee Extension: Vastus Lateralis | Medialis | Intermedius

- Trunk Flexion: Rectus Abdominis | External Obliques | Internal Obliques

- Trunk Rotation: Erector Spinae | Transversospinalis Group | Internal & External Oblique

- Scapular Protraction: Serratus Anterior Mid | Lower | Upper

- Elbow Extension: Triceps Long Head | Lateral Head | Medial Head

Music: Summer

Musician: @ikson


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