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Core Cardio - Focus on Core Unit.

Today's circuit will be focusing on different ways to target the muscles of the core unit. From obliques to that rectus abdominis - we know how important it is to encourage strength and stability within these areas for a more balanced spine and pelvis connection.

This connection after-all, translates not only to the workouts in the gym but also to the movements we find ourselves performing in our daily lives. From bracing while picking up a box to just reaching with a twist to grab an object - each motion places our body into a position that could create some major injuries and muscular compensations if our overall core foundation is not primed and ready. So today let's focus on the activation and utilization of those core muscles - the rest of our body will thank us!

Trainer Tip:

  • While in the bear position, ensure that your core is braced. Think of you belly button reaching for the back of your spine. This will help encourage core activation and place less pressure onto your lower back while keeping spine and pelvis aligned.

  • While in your side plank position. Keep your scapula flushed with your ribcage and shoulder complex set within girdle. Think of having your shoulder stack on top of your elbow and elbow aligned with wrist. Also make sure pelvis is neutral, focus on engaging the glutes of hip closest to ground to keep bony landmarks such as the ASIS aligned.

  • Core Muscles: Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, Diaphragm, Internal & External Obliques.


2 - 3 sets | 30 - 60 seconds each

- Bear Knee Tap

- Bear Alternating Thigh Tap

- Bear Alternating Shoulder Tap

- Dynamic Sid Plank w/ Clamshell

- Side Plank Leg Abduction

- Side Plank Oblique Crunch

- Side Plank Hold w/ Elevated Leg

Music: Night Out

Musician: @ASHUTOSH

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