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Let's Talk Hip Health!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

These HIPS DON’T LIE!! 💃

In today’s part three stretch series we’ll be giving those hips some love and attention! 🥰

Not only are our hips integral for those random dance sessions but also when it comes to the health of our pelvis and spine!

Whether walking, jumping, sitting, or other daily movement - our hip health will dictate so much from mobility, flexibility, range of motion, muscle recruitment to injury prevention! 🏃‍♀️

Our hips do so much for us so let’s give them the TLC they deserve!

Make sure to SAVE and SHARE this one for that next workout/stretch session all!!

🔷 Stretch Details: 1 sets | 30 seconds each side

🔹 Dynamic Runner Lunge

🔹 Runner Lunge (modified)

🔹 Runner Lunge w/ Rotation

🔹 Runner Lunge Reach

🔹 Frog Pose (modified)

Main muscle focus:

✔ Hip Flexors: Psoas | Iliacus | Rectus Femoris

✔ Hip Extensors: Gluteus Maximus | Bicep Femoris | Semimembranosus | Semitendinosus

✔ Hip Abductors: Gluteus Minimus | Gluteus Medius | Tensor Fascia Latae

✔ Hip Adductors: Adductor Magnus | Brevis | Longus

✔ Quadricep Complex: Vastus Lateralis | Medialis | Intermedius

✔ Trunk Flexors: Internal Obliques | External Obliques | Rectus Abdomins

✔ Trunk Rotators: Erector Spinae | Transversospinalis | Obliques

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Musician: @iksonmusic


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