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Business - do they care more about their bottom line or your health!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Let's talk about products - or more importantly, let's talk about the ingredients they use. I think it's high time that we took health back into our own hands and started understanding what exactly goes into the products we use in our daily life because guess what - IT REALLY DOES MATTER!

Over the years we as consumers have become lazy in understanding what we put in and on our bodies. We have fallen for those flashy and strategic marketing campaigns that flood our lives from Instagram to Facebook.

Each one claiming to be healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly - yet if you were to take a peek at their label (if they even provide it) I am sure you were bombarded with words you could barely pronounce - let alone understand.

Well would it surprise you if I told you that was the name of the game for so many of these well known companies? To dress chemically induced products with pretty packaging, known celebrities, or sayings of sweet nothings.

From cleaning supplies you use in your house to the sunscreen you put on your body - if we were to look up half the ingredients used within those products we would soon come to find out that their interest has never been for our health but really the health of the businesses profit margins. I don't know about you but I am tired of falling for these old gimmicks. Tired of these outrageous marketing tactics. Tired of the lie that they care about the health of any consumers when I can plainly see ingredients that have been scientifically linked to cancer, infertility, testicular dysgenesis, obesity, autism - just to name a few.

Now you may say, "Well isn't this the job of the FDA?" - don't worry I will have a whole post discussing what an utter failure that department is.

But for now it's time to take our health back into our own hands, to do what we need to in order to ensure the safety of our family and the future generation - I have provided slides of the most known chemicals that you can find within: cleaning supplies, cosmetics, fragrances, and sunscreen. Chemicals that should never make their way into our homes (fun fact the majority of these have been banned by other countries already). So give the list a good read, then check out the labels on your own products and if you spot any of them - show them the door because they shouldn't be welcomed into your household.

And if you are looking for replacement items check out Dr. Bronners - All One site, he has made it his mission to bring health back to individuals - plus his story is quite an amazing one!


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