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Book Review - a homemaker must read!

With holidays just around the corner we begin to set our sights on all the fun activities to come; road trips, parks, and of course traveling to new and exciting places!

But with all that travel and much needed R&R it is always important to have a good book on hand to not only pass the time when needed but also feed that mind and soul! If you haven't yet set your sights on a particular book, I definitely recommend the one shown above!

Discussing the importance of the products we use; from sunscreen to cleaning products - this book digs deep into the health and safety of our everyday household products and the effects they may have on us and those we love!

As manufacturing continues to grow so does the need for our education on the chemicals used and the best way of mitigating those we deem harmful. Giving great insight and recommendations - this book has moved to a top choice on my reading list!


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