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Back Mobility - Garden Addition!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

As the weather gets warmer, the sun gets brighter, and those flowers begin to bloom - we find ourselves gearing up for those days spent in the garden!

Whether it’s weeding, planting, pruning, or mulching - gardening is a total body workout. During which our bodies find themselves achieving outrageous positions in order to finish those gardening tasks and goals.

From hours of bending over, crouching down, or rotating in odd ways our muscles can become tight and shortened making our bodies feel spent, sore, and aching after a hard day’s work.

If this post speaks to you, give the stretch series below a try and let me know in the comments section below what you thought!

Make sure to SAVE and SHARE this one for that next workout/stretch session all!!

Stretch Details: 1 sets | 30 seconds each side

▪ Child Pose

▪ Child Pose w/ Reach

▪ Thread the Needle

▪ Moving Prayer Hands

▪ Prayer Hands Hold

▪ Moving Shoulder Extension

▪ Shoulder Extension Hold

▪ Cobra w/ Cervical Flexion

▪ Cobra w/ Cervical Extension

▪ Side to Side Cobra

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Music: Harmony

Musician: @iksonmusic

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