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Back Mobility

I got your back all! 🔥🔥

Today we’re hitting part two of our stretch series! This time our attention will be on releasing those muscles within the back and inner unit - with some additional love towards those hamstrings, calves, glutes and shoulders! ❤️❤️

🔷 Stretch Details: 1 sets | 30 seconds each side

🔹Side Bend Stretch

🔹Elongated Side Bend

🔹Wall Down Dog

🔹Wall Down Dog w/ Thoracic Roll

🔹Wall Down Dog w/ Ankle Flexion

Main muscle focus:

✔ Ankle Flexors (Calf): Tibialis Anterior | Extensor Hallucis Longus | Extensor Digitorum Longus

✔ Hamstring Complex: Bicep Femoris | Semimembranosus | Semitendinosus

✔ Hip Extensors: Gluteus Maximus | Bicep Femoris | Hamstrings

✔ Hip Abductor Complex: Gluteus Minimus | Gluteus Medius | Tensor Fascia Latae

✔ Trunk Extensors: Spinalis Group | Longus Group | Ilicostals Group

✔ Lateral Trunk Flexors: Internal Obliques | Rectus Abdominis | Quadratus Lumborum

✔ Scapular Protraction: Serratus Anterior Upper | Middle | Lower

✔ Scapular Retractors: Middle Trapezius | Lower Trapezius | Upper Trapezius | Rhomboids

✔ Shoulder Complex: Latissimus Dorsi | Posterior Deltoid | Teres Minor | Teres Major

Music: Harmony

Musician: @iksonmusic


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