Frequently asked questions

How do I access my mobile training app?

Great question! Once we have set you up with a membership whether that is for in-person training or virtual training; I will then send you a follow-up email with instructions on how to: 1) Download your mobile training application from your App store (completely free) 2) Set up your personalized training account & info 3) Access your workouts, nutrition, messages, goal tracking, etc. Once you have gained access to your training application, play around with it, the skies the limit!

Which membership is right for me?

Let me help you choose the best membership for your body and lifestyle! MainKIN Movement: Looking for a place to access daily workouts, recipes, as well as workout tips & tricks? No matter at home, on vacation or at the office; this membership brings focus and mindfulness to daily functional movements. Whether your just starting your fitness journey or looking to give it a refresh, this membership will help you understand the uniqueness of your body on a whole new level! If your:

  • Looking for fresh and new workouts to add into your fitness routine
  • Looking for workout/training tips & tricks
  • Looking for workout variations for home, travel, or the gym
  • Looking for convenience of taking your workouts anywhere; home, on vacation, gym or even at the office
  • Looking to add a little more TLC to your day, through functional movements we will reestablish that mind body connection.
  • Looking for a community for accountability & motivation
This is just a peak at all the MainKIN Movement Membership brings, for more info don't hesitate to reach out! MainKIN Train & MainKIN Elite: Tired of those cookie cutter workout programs? At MainKINaesthetic we understand your fitness journey is like life - it never seems to go according to plan. Choosing a workout regimen can seem hectic and when you settle for a program that wasn't created with your unique body in mind, that journey can get even tougher. Let me take the anxiety and guesswork out of your fitness journey by creating a program tailored for YOUR body, goals, and lifestyle! It's time to add a little TLC and uniqueness to your life by treating your body with the care it deserves with a plan tailored specifically for it! If you need:
  • Tailored fitness routine made for your body and goals
  • Accountability via weekly/monthly check ins & updates
  • Program progression, modification, and updates
  • Convenience of having your entire fitness plan on your mobile device
  • Workouts for home, gym, or travel
Learn more on the Virtual Training Question! In - Person: Whether you're in need of lifting techniques or just looking for a person to keep you accountable, let me help create a program tailored to YOUR body, goals, and lifestyle! By utilizing hands on training, muscle isolation activation, and many other training modalities the MainKIN mission is to help you reconnect your mind and body; as well as teach and guide you through the uniqueness of your body so you can continue living your best life no matter your age!
  • Tailored fitness routine made for your body and goals
  • Accountability via training sessions & instant messaging
  • Guidance with correct lifting form & progression
  • Assistance with muscle activation & muscle - joint utilization
  • Convenience of having your entire fitness plan on your mobile device when not training in person
  • Access to premium gym equipment & private training room
Contact me for more information!

What is the difference between this and other training plans?

Great question! Unlike other fitness programs this one is created for your body, goals, and lifestyle in mind. Whether you're a collegiate athlete looking to advance in your sport or a mom looking to get a little more energy and strength into your day; each workout is tailored to your unique needs! Say goodbye to those cookie cutter programs and say hello to some much needed TLC to your body and fitness routine! Let me take the anxiety out of your day by giving your body what it really needs; self care personalized to you!

How does the MainKIN Movement Memberships Work?

Great question! Once we set you up with your MainKIN Movement membership you will gain access to daily workouts, recipes, training tips & tricks, and so much more!! MainKin Movement focuses on the foundational & functional movements of life; those we perform daily and those we may have forgotten about. The KIN is here to encourage you through your fitness journey while having a little fun doing it; with various workouts that can be performed at home, on vacation, or in the gym - the possibilities are endless! Let Main KINaesthetic help you reestablish a life of balance, starting with adding a bit more TLC to your movement. Included:

  • Access to private workouts focused around functional movement & strength
  • Workouts designed around both home & gym use.
  • Access to the Main Cookbook!
  • Training tips & tricks
  • And much more!

How do the Virtual Training Memberships Work?

Once you’re membership is set up, you will receive an email with the following information:

  • How to schedule your appointments
  • How to utilize your mobile training application
  • Creating your tailored fitness program
MainKIN Train (Virtual)
  • Tailored fitness program based on your body, goals, & lifestyle.
  • Personal mobile training app with: workout tracking, nutrition tracking, etc.
  • Weekly/Monthly meet ups via Zoom: go through progress, progresion, modifications, etc.
MainKIN Elite (Virtual)
  • Tailored fitness program based on your body, goals & lifestyle
  • Personal mobile training app with: workout tracking, nutrition tracking, etc.
  • Weekly/Monthly meet ups via Zoom: go through progress, progresion, modifications, etc.
  • Bi-weekly virtual training session
For more details don’t hesitate to contact me!

How do we find out more about Private In-Person Training?

Just send me an email of interest, from there we will proceed! Offering:

  • Single Training Sessions
  • Duet Training Sessions
  • Group/Team Sessions (travel to destination)

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes! All memberships and sessions are paid up front but you can cancel at any time, once the duration of your membership has ended you will have the option to renew with that membership or switch to another option of your choosing! However, purchases of all memberships and sessions are final and reimbursements for sessions unused will not be reimbursed. In addition, access to services given during the time of membership will become inaccessible (mobile device & features, Virtual platforms , etc).