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" Physical Fitness has played a very large role in my life, not only from a physical standpoint but also a mental one."

My fitness journey started on a muddy baseball field one rainy Washington day; at the age of 10 -  I was out of shape, suffered from asthma, and unfortunately was wearing cleats one size too small as I tried out for my first select fastpitch team. I was by far the least talented and athletic on that field - you could say my introduction into fitness wasn't the most gracious launch.

However the coach appreciated my efforts and brought me on board. He made it his mission to constantly challenge and push me. I was running lap after lap screaming, “I love to run!” between wheezing gasps for air. I felt like what I was doing was physically impossible but, for some reason, I was able to keep running, to keep pushing past the discomfort: I had decided then that I would be the best… or at least push to be MY best. This is where I learned. 

As I grew, fitness became even more influential to me; from cheerleading, track and field, to bodybuilding. Each activity brought me the joy of achievement and the experience taught me an important lesson pertinent to both fitness and life in general.

Just like life,  a fitness journey never goes fully according to plan. This became apparent to me when my deadlift PR left me on the gym floor, barely able to stand due to a herniated disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae within my spine.

Although fitness had become my life I was still a novice in my understanding of the body and how muscles, joints, and other structural aspects of the body worked synergistically together in order to utilize movement patterns and muscular subsystems.  Subsequently during the years of being a trainer I have learned a few key things:

  1. The importance of understanding the body as a whole and how it works harmoniously together

  2. Each body structure is unique; no person moves exactly the same


Through my own muscle weaknesses and compensations, I have learned to become attuned to correct movement patterns and the critical importance behind them. The list below contains all the learning opportunities for me (so far):

  • Herniated Disc L4  & L5

  • Gluteus Amnesia (Dead Butt Syndrome)

  • Medial & Lateral Winging Scapula

  • Dominant Upper Trapezius: Leading to subclavian vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (blood clots).

  • Latissimus &  Serratus Anterior Palsy


Each one of these injuries was a moment of awakening.  Although each one could have been used as an excuse to not continue my fitness journey, I instead saw them as an opportunity to learn, grow, and share the lessons each injury had taught me.

From these hardships I learned the importance of the following:

  1. Training and establishing deep foundational movement muscle before focusing on superficial ones

  2. Understanding the connection between control (sensorimotor), passive (skeletal), and active (muscular) systems and how they work in tandem for movement

  3. Establishing and understand Muscular Subsystem/Multi-plane Movement

  4. Importance of training/mastering isometric to multi-joint movements

  5. Importance of encouraging different types of force training: chains, resistance bands, plate weight etc. for lifting progression and versatility.


Utilizing these findings with my clients has become my mission.  I am not only helping clients reach their stated goals, I am also helping them understand their bodies and the uniqueness that come with them. I show clients that not all exercises are created equally and that there is, and should always be, a purpose for the particular movement/motion being done.


I love what I do. I love helping clients make that “movement connection” and understand the “why”, and maybe even get as excited about it as me!

Let me help take the stress away from your fitness routine so you can focus on what is really important; living  life while feeling your best!




  • Ortho-Kinetics CPT


  • Weight Management SPC.  

  • Power & Strength Progression 

  • Biomechanics 

  • Corrective Exercise for Better Posture & Movement



Rachel Main

" The body can achieve what the mind can conceive, no

matter the obstacle."


Rachel possesses a wealth of knowledge and guidance as a trainer - and she is an amazing, inspiring athlete in her own right!  She has the unique ability to see movement anomalies and inefficiencies like no other trainer I have worked with - and provides me with focused and thoughtful training sessions tailored to make me a more balanced and powerful athlete. 


Rachel communicates with me in a way that generates collaboration and growth - always moving forward to improve.   Most importantly, she provides me the strategies I need for longevity, wellness and continued performance. 


As a competitive rower and XC skate skier in my early 50's, her training guidance and understanding of my dual sport-specific needs & challenges has been immensely valuable

I am fortunate to be a beneficiary of her training, athletic empathy and knowledge.  Thank you Rachel!

Kate Berry | Client

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